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Name: Dr. Johannes Bauer
Age: 33 years
Currently residing: 71034 Böblingen
My eMail address
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Education: Ph.D. in Computer Science
Current occupation: Working at Robert Bosch Smart Home GmbH in Stuttgart-Vaihingen, Germany for about one year
Technical competences:
  • In-depth security knowledge about applied cryptography, digital certificates and storage format, cryptographical hardware engines, ASN.1, X.509, PKCS#15 smart cards, PKCS#11 interfacing, custom hardware security modules (HSM), TPM, custom security-enabled MCUs and secure boot on Linux (e.g., dm-verity), side channel attacks such as timing attacks or differential power analysis
  • Software development on Linux in C (system development, kernel development on x86_64, i686 and Cortex-A8, MCU programming)
  • Software development on Linux in C++ (system development and MCU programming)
  • Software development in Python
  • Extensive embedded development experience (AVR and ARM Cortex-M0/3/4 on "bare" hardware, ARM Cortex-A8 using embedded Linux)
  • Administration of Linux servers: Apache, Bind, Postfix, NFS, Samba, PostgreSQL, OpenVPN, OpenSSL, Dovecot, iptables, stunnel
  • Knowledge of XHTML and CSS, web development using Python/Pylons, templating using Mako and Genshi
  • Database programming in SQL (PostgreSQL, mySQL, sqlite)
  • Some scripting language know-how (e.g. bash, awk, JavaScript)
  • Knowledge of the M4 preprocessor Autom4te
Curriculum Vitae: